Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Tuesday

I once heard a poem all about why February is rubbish! It is a cold month with winter hanging on and the only date in the calendar of any significance is Waitangi Day which is celebrated in New Zealand on the 6th.

Oh yes and that other memorable date St Valentine’s Day!

One week after my birthday and most years best forgotten. Oh how I agree with the author of the poem!

Well sometimes I do.   

It is hard to get excited about a day that is only celebrated by couples when you are well and truly SINGLE.

I can just about count all my Valentine’s cards sent and received on one hand…

When I was five I sent two handmade cards to boys in my class. I still remember writing them in coloured biros from my spirograph set.

Ten years later I was at it again as I delivered a card to a tall, blond haired, blue eyed boy also in my class. I especially cycled to his house and sneakily dropped the rather large card through the letter box without being seen. It was a Saturday and I expected to see him the next day at church.

“He’s not avoiding you,” His mother said to me after the service. “He’s just out with the scouts.”

So much for it being a secret, EVERYONE knew!

I don’t think I actually received a Valentine's card until I was away at Polytechnic. One was silently slipped under my bedroom door in the halls of residence. I was quite excited – until I found out who had sent it!

Then there were the cards Andrew and I sent to one another. For the purpose of this post and to fit in with my statement above we will count them as one. In reality I may have sent two or three and he probably gave me one or two, but I couldn’t find any when I looked for them earlier so maybe I dreamt them after all.

But despite the lack of cards on my doormat I remain an utterly hopeless romantic.

My mother-in-law goes to a luncheon club on a Tuesday and there is one particular man she is fond of having a weekly cuddle from.

“You should leave him a Valentine’s card on his table.” I encouraged her. 

She dismissed the idea but why should the older generation not have a bit of romance in their lives?

Meanwhile at the other end of the scale I took the boys to the cinema today to see The Muppets. I also took along my friend’s children as she was working.

I am a cruel woman always teasing my youngest son and my friend’s daughter, they make a great team and I would love her to be my daughter-in-law one day. We engineered them sitting next to each other and then this afternoon they spent time doing a jigsaw together – awww young love – so sweet!

If I can’t have any romance in my own life I shall have to look elsewhere.

And if I can’t play cupid for the older or younger generations I will turn my attention to the silver screen and look for inspiration in the great love story I watched today – that of Kermit and Miss Piggy, once more happily in each other’s arms.

Happy Tuesday Everyone 
with lots of love xxx

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