Thursday, 2 February 2012

Honesty’s the best policy

“Are you going to tell Sarah?” My friend’s daughter asked her mum.

“Tell her what?”

“That you don’t like the bath bombs she gave you for Christmas.”

My friend faced a dilemma made worse by the fact that her daughter might confess on her behalf.

Her daughter had especially been delighted by the gift set of 3 bath bombs in the shape of cupcakes. They even had the paper cases round them and I’d put them in a gift box tied with ribbon. They smelt divine although not quite good enough to eat.

My friend had shared one with her daughter the other evening and decided they were a bit too oily for their taste.

As you may have guessed my friend owned up or I’d still be in the dark and buying her unwanted bath goodies for years to come.

The silly thing is I’d originally bought her a lovely fragranced candle for Christmas but switched presents at the last minute. The yummy cupcakes were too lovely to pass by and I considered they were more of a treat for my special friend who has supported me throughout the year.

We all get presents we don’t always appreciate – I hold my hands up to taking a few to the church shop in the past. We are not all as honest as my friend, letting people know what we really think.

My Mum and Dad gave me a box for Christmas with lots of presents inside.

(The box itself was recycled, “I gave Mum that box last Christmas with her present in.” Said my brother!) 

The first gift I came across was a large crossword book. Now Andrew and I loved doing the crossword together but I haven’t made the time to do one lately. I put the book to one side and delved deeper into the box.

There were all manner of other goodies underneath, a scarf, a necklace, a new road atlas for my new car, a jug for gravy and one for custard, I’d mentioned I needed something a bit smarter than pyrex to adorn my table. My mum had stored this information and here was my reward.

When I was ready to leave my parent’s and head back home they suddenly realised they had no gift to send back for my mother-in-law.

I hesitated for a second and said, “What about that crossword book you gave me? I don’t really get time to sit and do the crossword anymore.”

“That’s a good idea.” replied my mum, “I only got it for you because it was three for two.” Like mother like daughter – we can’t resist a bargain!

Problem solved - honesty really is the best policy.

And my friend with her unwanted bath bombs? Well I know someone with a birthday next week (hint! hint!) or else I’ve heard there is a silent auction at church soon – I’d bid on them and buy them back for me and we can raise some more money for the church hall at the same time!

cupcake lavender bag
But I don’t want her to be out of a present so I came up with a plan and made her a cupcake she can’t refuse. Non-fattening, long lasting and made with lots of love xx

(Hope she likes it - can't post this until I see her... sorry for the wait!)

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