Thursday, 9 February 2012

I don’t know how the conversation started but….

You know those times when you are with friends and the conversation takes an unusual tack?  The kind of “what if…?” discussions that ends up going off at a hilarious tangent that it so bizarre it sticks in your brain forever?

Before we had the kids we would meet friends at the pub for last orders on a Tuesday evening. The recurring banter was “what would you do with a third arm?” and perhaps more importantly “where would it stick out of your body?” 

This led to discussing the fact that jumpers would need another armhole and there were lots of thoughts on all the multi-tasking you could do with an extra half a pair of hands! I can still remember these discussions almost twenty years later and it still makes me giggle.

Last Friday when I had friends round we started talking about watching films over and over again and how they always end the same – at least I think this was how it started.

“One day when I watch the Great Escape, Steve McQueen will jump that barbed wire fence!”

Sad but true, every time I see the film I can’t help but hope this time he makes it and I am literally cheering him on as I sit on the edge of the sofa.

Everyone laughed and then the conversation got more fanciful.

What if the bike then turned into a flying bike like on ET and Steve McQueen just flew away?

Obviously that’s never going to happen – how absurd! Some people have the strangest imagination.

Only my friend took away these mad ideas and made me this unique birthday card.

The red car in the top corner about to collide with Steve McQueen isn't the Nazis about to send him back to the cooler but James May. My friend also remembered that I have a crush on Captain Slow.

Now this is getting more and more ridiculous by the minute and sounds like one of those weird dreams you sometimes have that make no sense whatsoever.

So back to the original far more sensible question…

What would you do with a third arm?

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