Friday, 24 February 2012

Jesus is an Action Man

My post the other day on Men, Women and Church sparked a healthy debate on my Facebook page.

This was one of the comments left…

Jesus is the ultimate rebel in lots of ways - anti-establishment breaking the mould countercultural messiah - that is very appealing to follow a guy who walks on stormy water, feeds thousands, faces down a madman, is comfortable teaching in the temple and with prostitutes at the table, who fishes better than fishermen, barbecues on the beach, parties, weeps, heals, bleeds and dies then reveals his majesty and best of all he makes fine wine!

As these words went round in my head I began to form a picture of Jesus as an Action Man, a toy figure from the seventies, I’m not sure if they are so popular now. I grabbed my pen and notebook. 
I hope my poem isn’t in any way blasphemous or that anyone is offended.  There are some striking images and I have added an interesting picture I found which will hopefully make you think and maybe challenge your perceptions. 

I don’t claim to have a definitive picture of what Jesus is like. In fact tomorrow I have a completely different perspective to share with you. 

Jesus is so much more than any words I can write.

I’d be interested to hear your thoughts, left here on the blog or on Facebook – there is a re-ravelling page anyone can “like” and comment on.

Jesus is an Action Man

Jesus is an Action Man
With crew cut hair you have to touch
Eagle eyes
And scars

Jesus is an Action Man
Not afraid to be stripped naked
Or thrown in with the Barbie dolls
With their high heels, spaghetti straps and painted lips

Jesus is an Action Man
A rebel
Parachuting from a bedroom window
Dragged through mud
Wrestling with dinosaurs
Challenging the learned minds

Jesus is an Action Man
Swimming with sharks
Walking on bath water

Jesus is an Action Man
Turning over tea cups at a tea party
Yet making sure none go hungry

Jesus is an Action Man
Not pushed around

Jesus is an Action Man
Who survives being rejected
Entombed in a box in the loft

Jesus is an Action Man
Who rejoices in the resurrection
Unpacked at last
A re-discovery of the fact
Jesus is an Action Man

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  1. Brilliant! Toy Story 3 as the Gospel!