Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Fiction in a Flash

Maybe it's just me and the circles I mix with on-line but Flash Fiction is the new big thing!

Stories told in the minimum amount of words.

It appeals to me as someone with little patience who wants quick results. However crafting a story from few words is sometimes easier said than done.

I started writing today's blog and was reminded of something I wrote a couple of years ago at a writing class. The brief to describe something without saying what it was in 150 words. 

I stuck regidly to the word limit but today I have edited the piece, adding and subtracting words but leaving the total intact. I like a challenge.

Anyway here's my little story, tomorrow I have more to say on the subject...

She sat and stared at it, running her fingers over the smooth yet dimpled surface.

Her index finger stopped, resting comfortably in the cloud shaped hole.

Real clouds could be any shape; this outline was definite, sharp edged.

The indentation was just a small part, a tiny fraction, but a tremendous disappointment nevertheless. An unnecessary flaw.

All together it had held her attention for days.

Such a tactile obsession, mesmerising, drawing her back time and time again.  It was difficult to leave until dusk made it almost impossible to distinguish light from shade. 

With each sunrise the colours captured her imagination once more.

In her hands a broken fragment was so light.  If brushed lightly by an arm perhaps it fell silently to the floor?  She looked down around her feet.

There? Under the chair?  She picked it up, adding it to the whole with satisfaction.

Complete - one thousand pieces.

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