Sunday, 29 April 2012

Weather Forecast

I predict a bumpy road ahead with heavy and persistent showers, chances of any sunny spells or rainbows are negligible…

Youngest son didn’t want to go to church with me this morning which makes me feel like the world’s worst parent even if logically I know he has as much free will as I do.

Then we sang a song that we sang at our wedding almost 18 years ago, when life was a shiny new adventure and not a long hard slog through treacle.

The weather outside really is BLEAK and very wet.

Apparently the weather tomorrow is supposed to be sunny so I should get my walk with friends, but I’m not counting my chickens or holding my breath.

Tigger has well and truly bounced off and I am left with holding Eeyore.

My mood swings are getting me down and I wonder how much longer my friends will put up with me and my tears. One friend has already run out of tissues and we are now working through her supply of Burger King napkins!

I know there no sense or rhyme or reason to what I’ve written but it’s how I feel right now this minute, so I'm sharing.

On the bright side, there is a tiny sliver of one, I am going out with the boys for lunch with an old friend, the day has to get better…

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