Thursday, 19 April 2012


On Monday I had a salesman from British Gas call about my boiler. Big houses need big expensive boilers but he kept tapping away on his laptop getting me the best deal he could. The price won’t go up but may come down – that’s reassuring.

I’ve just had a visit from the engineer, who may or may not be fitting my new boiler next week, just to check the job over with his expert eyes.

“That’s straightforward.” He said with complete confidence.

This house is so big that everything is a huge undertaking; “straightforward” is a word that has never been used before.

I am completely flabbergasted and also a little bit proud that I have called in the right professionals who can handle the task.

Our old house was not “straightforward” either.  It was self-built and split level. Because one of the bathrooms was at the lower level Andrew had to work hard convincing the powers that be the plumbing would work sufficiently.

Apparently there were several discussions during the night shift on the oil platform where Andrew worked. It became a bit of a “project”.
The pump that was eventually installed was capable of pumping enough sewage from 4 houses! I remember the day it stopped and all the hassle that ensued – not “straightforward” for your average plumber.

There was nothing standard or ordinary about Andrew or his way of doing things. Our doorbell is wired into our telephone, I still get confused which one is ringing after nearly 9 years, and you must remember to dial 9 to get an outside line or all the phones start to ring.

In our old house you could listen to a CD in the kitchen using the CD player in the lounge, Andrew never quite achieved the same quality of wiring here – the walls were solid stone and far too thick!

I’ve had a phone call from British Gas and they can start the work tomorrow, finishing Saturday and Sunday if necessary.  In the time it has taken me to type this they have sorted things out at their end. I can have my heating back – yippppeeeeee!

Straightforward and efficient – more than I ever expected!

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