Friday, 20 April 2012

writing my own happy ending

A bit of flash fiction today and my entry for the Yearning for Wonderland - Once Upon A Time - Flash Fiction writing contest.

No more than 350 words with the theme Unexpected Fairytales.

A moment before moving

“Someone who loves you very much must have given you that.”

Saffron thought the words were only memories in her head but turned around to find a young man in navy overalls standing beside her. Must be another removal man, she reasoned, his face looked familiar although she couldn’t quite place him.

“My husband used to say that.” She couldn’t stop the stray tear escaping as she remembered being carried over the threshold, wrapped up in lace and love.

The man beside her offered a folded white handkerchief; it almost shone in the sunlight.

She dabbed her eyes and passed it back to him.

“Keep it.” He said softly folding her fingers round the soft cotton with his own, almost knowing she would need it again before this day was through.

She had often wondered, late at night, alone, what it would feel like to have another man touch her, even just as innocently as this. There was no shiver down her spine nor recoil; his touch was natural and kind.

Trying to avoid his eye she stared at the handkerchief. There was an X monogrammed in the corner.

“Xavier?” she enquired, finally daring to look up. She couldn’t think of another single name beginning with X.

“Must have picked it up somewhere on my travels.” His grin was cheeky and his eyes sparkled.

They looked at one another for what seemed like eternity. Even the air held its breath as a myriad of memories tumbled round her head.

“I hope you’ll be really happy in your new home Saffie.”

He disappeared as softly as he arrived leaving her to wonder how he knew her first name. It wasn’t fair when he had never even told her his … but perhaps she already knew.

She looked again at the handkerchief. Maybe it wasn’t an X after all but a kiss.

“Someone who loves you very much must have given you that.”


  1. This was reall beautiful! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. This is lovely! Especially this line - "Even the air held its breath as a myriad of memories tumbled round her head."
    Truly touching!

  3. Well written story you've got here. You managed honesty and sadness without slipping into sentimentality, which is hard to do. If you are only a writer in your dreams I guess dreams really can come true. ;)

  4. A lovely, gentle story. Really well done.

  5. Beautiful and heart-warming story Sarah.:)

  6. This is lovely! I really like the first and last line repeated. Thanks for entering :)

  7. Very poignant and heart warming Sarah! x

  8. Thanks everyone for the really positive comments. I really enjoyed writing it and the words at the beginning and end are what my husband often used to say if I was wearing a T shirt or earrings he bought me.
    My friend reminded me of his words the other day, as she has found herself saying them to her kids. It was our conversation that was the inspiration for the story along with the desire to move house and start afresh. I liked the idea that in the story Saffron received affirmation that moving on was OK.
    It really is the "happy ending" I wish for myself - Mike you said "dreams can come true" - here's hoping you are right!

  9. Aw... I think my heart just broke and melted all at once. Love it.