Thursday, 12 April 2012

Pushing a door that doesn’t want to open!

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression when one door closes another one opens, well what if you are stuck in a room where there are no open doors?

I am imagining solid stone walls and being trapped at the bottom of a round tower, a bit like Rapunzel but without the view.

Yesterday I was a jigsaw piece and today I am locked in a room I can’t get out of – my analogies are getting stranger by the day!

I can of course just sit and cry but I’ve been doing too much of that recently so I’m going to have to push a few doors and see if they give, even enough for me to shout through. Maybe someone will hear and come running to help wrench the door open from the other side.

At the start of the year I had three wishes, new house, new relationship and new career. In other words I want to move, not be on my own and be a published author – ha!

All far easier said than done.

I’ve tried on-line dating – what a disaster – now convinced I will be on my own forever and after having visitors last week I am convinced that I couldn’t actually live WITH anyone ever again I am becoming very selfish and only like doing things MY way.

Writing – well I have an application before me for a writing award but it has to be in in eight days time and I don’t have the energy or belief I need to send it in.

Which leaves the door marked HOUSE.

Over Easter my estate agent took out an ad in the local paper. Where once upon a time this was the best place to advertise in this digital age houses sell better on line.

“But if there is a good time to take out a advert in the paper it is traditionally over the Easter weekend.” He assured me.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained as they say. I imagined my potential buyers perusing the paper that evening and immediately demanding a viewing of such an outstanding property.

No such luck and when I went to pay the bill yesterday the estate agent offered very little hope I would sell at all!

Well desperate times call for desperate measures I am going to use my own on-line presence to generate some interest in my property.

Watch out Facebook, Twitter and Blog, be prepared for the HARD SELL.

I’m pushing this door for all it’s worth with all the energy I can muster. I could be back in a heap by tea time but please pass this message on.

Seven bedroom house for sale – would consider renting. Plenty of outdoor space, big rooms and space for parking several cars.
Would be ideal for a large family or some kind of business venture, a retreat, care home, B and B?

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