Friday, 7 June 2013

Getting the house (and garden) in order

When Andrew died I had a feeling that I needed to get the house in order. I've dabbled with a few bits here and there over the past two and a half years but looking round this week there has been quite a lot of progress.

The kitchen now has its first coat of emulsion...

My bedroom finally has a new carpet...

And the garden is beginning to grow in a neat and tidy fashion...

I can't take credit for much of the above, I've had lots of help for which I am eternally grateful - and you know who you are!

However this week I have contributed by...

  • stripping some wallpaper
  • painting some windowsills
  • spraying the weeds on the drive
  • and going to the tip for the very first time on my own to dump the old carpet!
  • as well as doing lots and lots of cleaning up, mopping and hoovering!!!!
OK so it might not sound a great deal but this is progress and considering how low I've been feeling recently I'm going to enjoy my achievements and share them with you.

On the other hand my writing has suffered as I have written NOTHING! So now I desperately need to redress the balance. In some ways I am writing this to convince my brain I do now how to string a sentence or two together.

But don't for one minute think I live in a tidy house - maybe one day I will take photos of all the messy rooms and cluttered corners!

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