Friday, 14 June 2013

God's teaching me to be patient AGAIN!

I’m restless at the moment. 

The garden is beginning to blossom, I will have ripe juicy strawberries just in time for Wimbledon. (since taking this photo only last week the petals have fallen and the fruit is growing!)

The kitchen is beginning to shine, after all that behind the scenes preparation I can now actually see things coming together. Cupboards are slotting into place, there’s some colour on the walls, I’ve got a quote for the worktops and have paid a deposit for the flooring.

My writing is beginning to come together too. I’ve certainly had some positive feedback over the past few weeks which is sort of keeping me focussed.

Good things are happening but the final results are ever so slightly out of reach, just beneath the surface, out of my eye line to mix up all my metaphors. I’m not quite there and my impatience is steadily growing.

I’ve been writing a lot of haiku poems recently, novels take a long time to write, I’ve never finished one yet, short stories can take days, flash fiction can sometimes be written within an hour, haiku’s take just minutes – perfect for those, like me, with very little patience.

Here’s one especially for today’s mood…

Something is bubbling
Still waiting impatiently
Dreams ripple with hope

I’ve waited so long but I can almost imagine how luscious those strawberries are going to taste when they ripen in just a couple of weeks’ time.

I can picture how amazing the kitchen will look. Realistically I’m guessing a month or so before it looks perfect, I’ve still got cushions to make and blinds to order.

And as for that bigger writing dream, I think that’s getting closer too. Although there is certainly a lot more work to be done and I suspect a there will be a lot more waiting involved too.

This popped up on my Facebook feed earlier.

I’ve written about God’s timing and waiting so many times before. It’s something I know deep down but it’s always worth being reminded especially on those days when your patience is stretched and you are desperately waiting for the next big thing!

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