Monday, 17 June 2013

More Adventures in Pioneer Land

I love my Monday mornings, once I’ve got the boys off to school I can go and join my friends for a walk.

This morning we had planned a beach walk but at the last minute we opted for a walk in the woods to see the rhododendrons. We are fortunate to have so many wonderful places nearby to choose from.

The path climbed steadily and we eagerly shouted “rhododendron” every time we spotted one like little kids. We laughed and chatted, our cares and worries blown away.

To our right the woods climbed up higher but through the trees to our left we could see a magnificent meadow dotted with bright waving buttercups.

“I want to go down there.” Said one friend. “There is a path look.”

“We could run down the hill just like the beginning of Little House on the Prairie!” I squealed with excitement, I really shouldn’t be let out sometimes!

So we looked for a way to get into the field, we climbed over a stile, through a little bit of mud and eventually ended up going round in a circle back to the top path where we had started from.

“We could go down here?” Suggested one friend as she scrambled through a gap in the trees. “We can get over the fence at the bottom.” She shouted back to us.

So we followed, enjoying our adventure.

It was another NEW walk, we love finding a different route, even if we did have to clamber over a padlocked gate I promise we stuck to signposted footpaths most of the time!

When I returned home my workman shouted “I wouldn’t come in here if I were you,” – the dishwasher and sink had finally been removed.

But it gets worse- the floorboards underneath are rotten so instead of installing a new dishwasher as soon as possible for my convenience he has been digging out the wobbly joists. Sawing through floorboard, narrowly missing the gas pipe - thank goodness! No wonder my floor used to bounce when I danced around the kitchen.

Oh dear... you think we'll find buried treasure or a dead body under there?

...the mice have been nibbling the insulation round the central heating pipes! least it's all tidy at the end of the day!
All I can do is laugh because it’s so much better than crying. To be honest we both expected to uncover a few more issues before this job is over. Nothing is ever simple or straight forward when your house is over a 150 years old.

We've survived the days of no Aga and no hot water, now we have to live without a kitchen sink - I guess I'll be doing the washing up in the bath then. 

Even the simple task of making a cuppa becomes an adventure as I have to fill the kettle from the outside tap then walk round the edges of the kitchen to reach the Aga and put it on to boil.

I can't wait to cook tea tonight - it's going to be so much fun - a bit like camping but without sleeping under canvas!

This morning I was running down a hill just like Laura Ingalls, once more I’m living the life of a pioneer but nothing can be as bad as those early days when I wrote this post on Unravelling Edges… (click on the title below to read)

At least the sun is shining bright and golden like the buttercups in the meadow and these days too will pass...

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  1. your positivity is glowing! Enjoy the adventure, hubby said I should look at all trials as adventures :)