Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Five Sentence Fiction - Flawed

I love this picture Lillie posted to go with her Five Sentence Fiction prompt this week, the tree looks like it has it's own personality and it's so menacing, or maybe it's just the sky that adds to the drama?

Anyway I used the picture as well as the word FLAWED for this week's story. 

It took a little while until I was satisfied with what I had written, would love to know your thoughts...

 “We can get rid of that straight away,” she exclaimed pointing to the twisted tree devoid of life slap bang in the centre of her new garden.

Her husband smiled benignly to the gardener, a look that implicitly said, what she wants she gets … but try and keep the price down.

The gardener nodded sagely, knowing all too well the flaw in the plan; axe, fire, flood had all been pitted against that tree and it had powers no one had a right to mess with, the locals said it was cursed but this pair weren’t from around here.

He watched the woman as she stridently paced out her fantasy garden, Japanese water feature, flower beds, orchard; she threw out her grand plans in such a manner that he was surprised it didn’t all magically materialise there and then!

With a wry smile he considered the project and a reasonable quote for his labours; it might be kind of fun to find out just who would win this battle.


  1. Ha ha, the tree's in for a battle! Unfortunately the weeds are winning in my garden! Really liked this Sarah.

  2. I can't help thinking that the tree has the upper hand...

  3. A stridant force pitted against a force of nature - somehow I think nature might win.

  4. Great imagery - I was there in the garden :)