Saturday, 13 October 2012

#SatSunTail - the bit that Genesis missed out!

When I found this week's #SatSunTails prompt late last night I thought I might just give it a miss.

However in the shower this morning I got some inspiration.

Hope you enjoy my wicked tale and sincerely hope I don't get struck by lightning for this one!

With the word prompt "despicable cream" to be included in the story.

“Lucifer!” God roared, “I know you are hiding behind that tree!”

A shiny angel peered around the tree trunk.

“I sent you to the naughty step for that painting incident, who told you you could move? Look at you still covered in that despicable cream emulsion!”

“Neutral colours, like magnolia, are far better at reflecting the light.” Lucifer muttered, convinced of his superior artistic skills. Green grass and blue sky for goodness sake – did the Almighty One not know blue and green was a fashion disaster?

“Now what’s this Eve’s told me about the apple? Not content with creating your own mischief you have to lead my other children astray.”

Lucifer shrugged, he was getting sick and tired of playing second fiddle; he should really get a place of his own.

“I heard that thought. Consider your prayer answered.”

A bolt of lightning fell from the blue, striking the tree and sending Lucifer to hell!

155 words - must confess I made a typo on the original posted on Rebecca Clare Smith's blog. Can you spot the differences? One word added that I'd missed and one removed to keep word count!

Confession is good for the soul and God is always watching!