Saturday, 27 October 2012

The First Meeting of the Second Breakfast Club

Today I went to the inaugural meeting of The Second Breakfast Club, a new writing group starting up nearby.

However much I love my on-line writing buddies (and I really do love you all to bits) the idea of actually sharing real tea and cake while discussing writing is very appealing.

There were just six of us there today, each of us has our own ideas and strengths but we all want to develop our writing skills and learn from each other. 

The subject of critiquing was mentioned by all of us. This is serious writing territory, an area I’ve never really ventured into but know that I should to hone my craft.

My favourite quote of the morning was when one member said the coffee shops we frequent in town to write in should have plaques up and give us FREE cake WHEN we are published authors!

With that kind of positive attitude we should go far!

“A second breakfast?” Eyes widened like saucers at the very prospect.

“Yes” declared her companion, at the grand age of two months older she always took charge. “And at second breakfasts you always eat cake!”

So the two friends sat under the dining room tablecloth den, dropping crumbs and writing stories of princesses and fairies until inevitably a grown up called them out for lunch! 

found this pic on FB and wove a little tale from it!

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