Thursday, 18 October 2012

Visual Dare - UP

I had planned my next post to be a bit more about my NaNoWriMo ideas, giving you some of the plot and explain my inspiration.

However I was hijacked by Angela Goff’s Visual Dare this week and wrote the following instead. 

(Sorry Angela didn’t manage to get the phrase “rake on up” into the story – that would have taken me over the 100 words and we can’t have that now can we!!!!)

Adam Harris certainly had the imagination for ambition. He had climbed the slipperiest of poles to reach this precarious position - Information Minister – only second in command to the king himself and until the king was officially crowned at eighteen Adam was essentially more powerful.  By the coronation he planned to be truly indispensable.

Suza watched her husband strutting confidently. She had a horrible sense of foreboding that this wouldn’t end well. 

Vashin had dared to dream great plans and where was he now?

She suspected only Adam knew that answer. A shiver rippled up her spine at the thought.

100 words


  1. A great take on the prompt Sarah.
    One of the problems with climbing slippery poles - once you reach the top there is usually only one way down.

    1. These characters are actually part of my NaNoWriMo story so watch this space to see what happens to Mr Harris!

  2. Sarah, this is fabulous!! Especially since I have an idea of where you're taking your WIP --- this has really whetted my appetite to be your beta reader when it's ready!! You obviously have a very clear notion of what this world looks like and where it goes from here....! Great work!