Thursday, 11 October 2012

Visual Dare - Eclipse

I am on a roll today, less than 2 hours since I posted my last story for Lillie McFerrin's Five Sentence Fiction and I am inspired again, this time to write my Visual Dare for the week.

In the meantime I have washed my car, cleaned out the guinea pigs and I'm on my second load of washing - so I haven't just been sitting at my laptop waiting for inspiration for strike. Such a productive day I am having but I must do the ironing before I write anything else!

Anyway my Visual Dare this week is a continuation to the Behind the Curtain entry I posted yesterday. Well when the picture had a mirror in it I had to tell you the story from the other side...

Thanks Angela Goff for the timely inspiration!

 Lost Reflection

I’m dancing on almost frozen toes, pirouetting just to keep warm.
How did I get to this wood?
Only seconds ago I was in my bedroom watching the dancer in my new mirror.
Oh I know, you thought I was doing my homework but I am so excited to be accepted into the Red Shoes Ballet Academy.
Between the trees are many mirrors. If I step through one will I return to my world?
The peace breaks as one mirror shatters into shards of icy sunlight and I hear you sobbing.
I know for certain now – I can never return.

(100 words not including title)


  1. A fitting conclusion...though it could be more than a conclusion!

  2. It's fun to read FSF enties...yours is great...thanks for visiting my site. Read quite a few entires here....Is your daughter an aspiring Ballerina?

  3. I have two sons and no daughter - it's pure imagination - although I went to dancing classes when I was little.
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  4. nice inspiration :) sounds like an adventure

  5. YOW!! Definitely a larger idea bursting to get out!! Get on this one. NOW. I am totally hooked. I want to know what happens to Phoebe!!!

    1. I'll make that next year's NaNo if I survive the first one!

    2. *happy dance*

      ....and you will survive NaNo. We'll see to that!!! :D

  6. Oh love it - a beginning to a bigger story surely..? I want to know more!