Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Five Sentence Fiction - Purple

With only hours to spare here is my latest  Five Sentence Fiction. Lillie's prompt this week was



Round her mouth it looked as if she had been scoffing rich and juicy blackberries, but it was the puffiness of her face she found most alarming.

When she heard voices drawing near she quickly hid the mirror under her pillow .

He knew instinctively what she’s been up to, they never listened to his advice.

Sliding his hand between the starched cotton he removed the compact.

“I told you, no peeking until the procedure is completely healed.” 

There are twenty-eight other stories to read -  Miranda Kate's story will break your heart but Mark Ethridge's should make you smile :-)

Go and see what else you find....


  1. I'd have to peak, but then I'd never put myself through it unless I had to!

    1. I remembered what my face looked like when I had my wisdom teeth out - actually had eight teeth out all together under anaesthetic - I looked like a hamster. I would never put myself through any operation by choice!

  2. It would be so hard not to want to sneak a peak, and I think most times the view would be quite disturbing. Sometimes patience in waiting to see the outcome is the best wisdom, though sadly that is not our human nature. I am always leery of surgeries done only for cosmetic purposes, unless there is a true disfiguration calling for repair, I tend to think we should go with what God gave us and to accept aging gracefully as a natural progression of life. To be and appear young forever... would that really be such a good thing, or would it only be pretending to be what you are not?