Monday, 4 February 2013

Monday Mixer - Runaway Regrets

Well I still have no idea where this story about Rosa will lead but today's Monday Mixer prompts have inspired another flashback to when Rosa and Shrike first met.

Haven't tried to be clever this week, have just used the minimum 3 words, one from each list.

Well could YOU use all these words in one 150 word story?

Do you know what they all mean? I had to look up several but I'm not telling you which!
Locations:    1) patisserie    2) cabana    3) rill

Things:        1) cabachon    2) sclera       3) pestle

Adjectives:   1) querulous   2) bellicose  3) intrinsic

Rosa’s life was pretty much all mapped out and she might have been content working in her mother’s patisserie if he hadn’t come along.

She was grinding spices in the pestle and mortar when the bell tinkled above the door.

Peering through the beaded curtain from the back room she saw him.

Self-consciously she brushed down her apron and smoothed her hair before entering the shop front.

It quickly became a habit, him arriving at this time, just after her mother had left for the bank. He developed a fondness for the cinnamon cakes she baked, pecking birdlike at each morsel. 

One day he told her the fair was leaving town and invited her to join them.

Before she left her mother told her one intrinsic truth, there would always be a place for her here at the patisserie. 

She hoped after all this time it was still was true.


  1. Okay. Officially jealous of this. It is so well-written and pulled me in from the very beginning. WOW!

  2. I like these stories that open up the character's history! Hope there's more Sarah!