Saturday, 2 February 2013

Goodbye January, Hello February

Well it’s goodbye to cold, damp, snowy January and hello to cold and windy February!

In the past month I have written approximately 5500 words, less than 1000 were words I’ve added to my Esther story. I really must spend more time writing my “novel” – will I ever find the discipline to get it finished?

I know lots of other writing friends are busily working to finish their NaNoWriMo stories. I wish I had their dedication.

However I have written 13 flash fictions so far this year! I have learnt many new words from taking part in the #MondayMixer and in my opinion I have written some thought provoking and eclectic pieces.

Also I have knitted two scarves and made this lovely bag recycled bag from a felted jumper and trousers with the lining made from and old dressing gown.

So now we arrive at February – my birthday month – a time of year greeted with mixed emotions.

Andrew always treated birthdays as “just another day” and I find those feelings difficult to shake off.

But this February promises to be a good one.

I found out today that Paragraph Planet are going to post my 75 word story on their site on Monday.

My birthday is on Thursday, youngest son is performing in a drama festival so we are going out to the theatre!

Then on Friday 15th I am off to Bishopthorpe Palace with the boys for a book launch! My official invite from the Archbishop of York arrived in the post the other day.

The book is Faith Stories and my testimony is one of the stories included. 

You may remember if you’ve been following my blog closely that I went to Bishopthorpe back in September to be interviewed. You can read about it here.

There will be a video posted on You Tube shortly too so you can see what I look and sound like if you don’t already know!

I still can’t quite take it all in and if Andrew hadn’t died I wouldn’t be in this situation. 

I probably wouldn’t be writing so much, my Esther story would still be an idea locked in my head. I doubt I’d have entered the world of blogging, or Twitter or NaNo – what would I have had to write about?

Over the past two years my writing has become incredibly important to me and all of a sudden it has the potential to reach a whole new audience. That’s both exciting and scary.

Yes damp, cold, snowy January is well and truly over  – let’s see what February brings…

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  1. I've really enjoyed your flash fiction lately, mine has suffered due to NaNo closing writing sessions. You'll find the time for 'Esther' when it's right, right now, congrats for the two publications, really happy for you with those, I'm very interested to read your Faith Story! Let us know more about that, and how to get it!
    Enjoy February. x