Saturday, 9 February 2013

LOVE BITES: An Anti♥Valentine Blog Hop

Now I like to think I can get on with most people but I’m afraid to say that me and St Valentine have never really seen eye to eye. He’s certainly never done me any favours.

I sent my first handmade Valentine’s cards (yes that's plural!) aged five. I distinctly remember writing my declarations of love with the purple and green pens from my spirograph set.

Alas my love was not reciprocated!

Aged 14 I bought a card for the princely sum of £1, I cycled to my true love’s house to personally deliver it – hoping to catch a glimpse of the blonde haired wonder.

But I was scorned once more.

At the age of twenty I finally received a card from the person I least wanted one from!

Then by the age of twenty four I had found my soulmate and he probably sent me two cards before we married and none after!

Flowers, he told me, are a depreciating asset, always bound to die!


As they say the path of true love never runs smooth – so I was delighted when the amazing Ruth Long a.k.a Lady Bullish created a group called the Inklingettes, Lisa, Laura, Angela, Afsanah, Elizabeth and me (click on each name to find some superb blogs!)

Then it was announced we were hosting an anti-Valentine Blog Hop.
Ruth, such a great wordsmith, explains it so much better than me, so I am stealing all her words…

This Valentine’s Day, we invite you to join us in thumbing our noses at Cupid, Love and the Whole Schmaltzy Holiday!!
Introducing …

LOVE BITES: An AntiValentine Blog Hop

Hostesses: The Inklingettes
Theme: Love Run Amuk, Aground or Otherwise Off Course
Schedule: Friday, February 8 through Thursday, February 14
Word Count: 250 Words
Incentive: Community spirit, inky fun and lots of laughs!

Further Incentive: Prizes! (Judging Details TBA) 
* 6 Broken-hearted bookmarks made by the Divine Hammer
* A one-of-a-kind painting personalized with a quote from the winners piece donated by Lee Clements
*A one hour coaching session by Rebecca T Dickson

How To Participate:

* Write a cheeky anti-valentine story of 250 words or less.
* Post it on your blog. (If you don’t have a blog, contact any of the hostesses and space will be magically provided).
* Add your post url to the linky at the bottom of this page.
* Copy the blog badge from this page and paste them into your post.
* Bop around the interwebz to read and comment on the other entries.
* Pimp out the hop and entries on Facebook, G+, Twitter and anywhere else your heart desires!
* Don’t Forget: HAVE FUN!
Got Questions? Contact any of the hostesses and they’ll be happy to help!

I urge you to enter, to pour out your misgivings of this most cheesy of days, to set cupid’s arrow soaring in the most unlikely of directions  and most of all have a lot of fun and make us laugh. So when February 14th rolls around the fact that there are no cards on the doormat is neither here nor there…

OK I'm off now to stir some rose petals into my own cauldron of doom and see what inky mischief I can conjure up!

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  1. He he, 'cauldron of doom and rose petals'... love it! I was also one of those who barely received any Valentine cards pre-marriage (and then it's sporadic!). I have to be honest, I insisted, no ardently advised (lol), on cards in the first decade of marriage, but I've lost interest in the paper aspect, preferring we've hit the happy medium of chocolate these days!