Saturday, 23 February 2013

Visual Dare 8 - Kitty McClaw's Grand Day Out

What with half term and the excitement of a book launch to digest I've not had much time to write any flash fiction.

Well it's time to remedy that with an exercise in stretching the imagination set by Angela Goff and her amazing Visual Dare photo prompt.

This one took me on a flight of fancy down to the deepest darkest tunnels of the underground...

Kitty McClaw's Grand Day Out

Kitty McClaw was the queen of the Jubilee Line. She prowled the dark tunnels surviving on her wits and the mice that carelessly crossed her tracks. 

By a quirk of curiosity she found herself in the deserted carriage that day. Generally she was cautious of human endeavour but this train had an alluring sparkle and none of the associated repugnant odours.

While admiring her reflection in the polished floor the doors automatically closed. The train started moving. 

Jumping on a seat Kitty watched her world go by. Flashes of daylight and well lit stations punctured the familiar darkness.

Finally her journey ended. Kitty descended her viewing platform. 

With one last look behind her she spied the majestic woman enter bringing with her a sweet scent of lavender.

They stared at each other for only a moment, before Kitty flicked her tail and bolted.

This world was alien to them both.

150 words


  1. Very entertaining tale that perfectly describes the elitist mindset nearly all cats seem to embrace.

    1. glad you enjoyed it - I liked your VisDare too!

  2. Nicely describing the majesty of a cat!

  3. Sarah very well done, the aloofness of the feline perfectly portrayed.

  4. A lovely piece of writing Sarah.
    Captured Kitty's aloofness beautifully. Loved the image of her using the polished floor to admire herself.

  5. Nice! I really enjoyed your words.

  6. The cat definitely has her own presence, and attitude - and it comes through so well! Curious to know what part the woman has in the tale, but as it stands I can almost see this as part of a lushly drawn children's book...

    1. Well if it was a picture book you would see that the woman was smartly dressed and wearing a crown. The train had not been cleaned out specially for "Queen" Kitty's grand day out afterall! ;-)

      Wasn't sure if that would come across but it was where I would have taken the story had I had more words to play with!