Thursday, 26 September 2013


We have two ancient apple trees in our garden. The first couple of years we lived here there were a few apples on them but not really enough to even make a pie.

We had some other trees removed in the garden and decided to get the apple trees pruned at them same time.

For many years nothing happened at all.

Then Andrew died.

Another couple of years passed and I devised my garden plan. Phase two, when I decided to take the house off the market, was to plant some new fruit trees. It was a hopeful plan for the future.

The new fruit trees were going near the old apple trees so my gardener suggested planting a clematis at the base of one of the old trees to bring a bit of life and colour to that spot in the garden. We had lots of climbing plants at our old house, they grow fast and furious once established and I loved the idea of growing something familiar with old treasured memories.

tangled and unexciting!
However I guess the clematis is still too young it hasn’t flowered or even grown much at all this year; it still looks straggly and undernourished.

But up in the top branches something very strange has happened.

It started when I spied some blossom, just on one side of the tree while the rest has remained stubbornly bare.

The blossom fell and apples started to grow in its place.

sparse branches but much fruit!
 Now I have branches of abundant fruit although they are just out of reach, even with a ladder.

There’s an obvious analogy I can draw from these dead branches springing suddenly to life. They are a reminder that it is never too late and life can surprise you with wonders at any time. I know I should be joyful.

However today, for so many tiny reasons, I feel just like the clematis at the bottom, the plant that was supposed to shine and make a difference but has ended up looking just like all the other weeds in my overgrown garden, neglected and unloved!

I just wish I could shake off this overwhelmingly despondent feeling – it might just create enough of a tremor to make the apples fall from the tree and remind me I really do have many things to be grateful for!

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