Friday, 27 September 2013

Everyone needs a bit of glitter...

We are entering that half of the year that I dread. You will have already seen from my recent blog posts that I am feeling a little low of late.

I made a pledge in the summer months to CHOOSE to be joyful but it is getting harder and harder.

Happy sunny Sarah is fading faster than my suntan – what suntan? Well the watch strap mark that indicates I have changed colour from very white to healthy looking! 

Some people suffer from the change in weather; the lack of sunshine seriously affects their mood.

For me it is far more than just that, the darker days arrive just as my thoughts turn to events in November 2010 – has it really been three years ago since my best friend was here to hold my hand and calm my fears?

I used to believe I was the strong one between us but this is the time of the year when I feel most broken and empty.

This is when I need a bit of sparkle and glitter in my life…

…so thank goodness Strictly Come Dancing is back on TV tonight.

I confess I wasn’t overly struck on this year’s list of celebrities when they were first announced. There was no one who stood out and made me go WOW!

Not like when Harry Judd was in the line-up – but that’s a whole other story – read it here

“Maybe I just won’t bother this year!” 

After all it takes a huge commitment watching the show every Saturday night and that’s before you start caring about the contestants and actually voting for your favourite!

But suddenly I’ve got all excited. All the dancers are featured on the cover of the Radio Times, while my Twitter and Facebook feeds have just a sprinkling of glitter running through them.

I really NEED this glamour and glitz, I NEED something to keep away the blues and greys of my everyday life.

my very own "sort of" glitterball!
And just in case one day I do become a famous writer and they ask me on the show, I shall be practicing my dance steps in my new kitchen – well the new lights sparkle almost as brightly as a glitterball!

A girl has to dream!

Now excuse me while I go and find my sparkliest dress to wear!


  1. Thinking of you. :) Glad this show bring you joy at the time of year when you most need it. You never know what's going be the one thing that'll pull you back up. Whenever I'm feeling really down, I watch an episode of The Gilmore Girls. Ever seen it? Such a sweet, funny show. :)