Friday, 20 September 2013

A prayer for the wobbly hearted

Yesterday I wrote a prayer and I decided to share it because this is how I’ve been feeling recently, slightly out of sorts and unbalanced.

Oldest son has moved on to the next stage of life - A levels, he's growing in independence yet he still needs me. Meanwhile youngest son will be choosing options this year. Things are changing for them while I seem to be stuck in a deep rut going nowhere!
I’ve been spending too much time on things I shouldn’t be, worrying about stuff that’s unimportant in the grand scheme of life, shutting the door on the issues I can't face and neglecting the one relationship that should mean the most – the relationship between me and my heavenly father.

God I know we’ve not spent much time together recently

Well at least I’ve not found time for you

I know you’ve been speaking to me

You’ve presented me with the gift of rainbow, a glint of sunshine, a beautiful flower

“Yes” I say with indifference as I wave you on your way

And carry on with my own schemes

But I know the absence of you in my days is what’s making my life off balance

I wobble and fall over and cry

And part of me wants to just wallow in my misery

“Nobody cares” I wail as I press the self-destruct button and bite my nails, all the while hiding under a baggy jumper

But that’s so untrue

I have so many friends and they love me, they really do

Even the ones that have seen me at almost my very worst!

If even they forgive me the odd bad mood and sharp word how much more will you always be there?

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry” I whisper as I climb up on your knee

Tears run down my face

“I’ve made a mess AGAIN!”

Let me rest here a while

Let me sleep in your loving arms

And when I wake be the centre of my day…


  1. A beautiful heartfelt prayer that leaves you in the right place to find hope and help. As we rest in those ever loving arms we can be soothed, comforted and strengthened for the journey ahead. Thinking of you and praying that you will soon be at peace, made strong and with greater clarity of purpose and focus on the things that really matter. Blessings :) x

  2. That really is beautiful. How lovely that we can rest in his arms no matter what we do!
    My youngest is choosing her options this year too, it's all go!