Monday, 23 September 2013

#VisDare 38 - The Chase

A chance tweet from Angela today got me looking at this week's #VisDare challenge.

"Could do with writing something - I'm not getting much else done - you've got me thinking now but no promises!"  I quickly tweeted back to her.

Anyway I opened up a word document and came up with this...

The Chase

His brother was always just out of reach, never quite close enough to catch up to. A seven minute head start made all the difference to their otherwise identical beginning.

It was like swimming against the tide. Every word of praise heaped on his twin turned into a wave pounding against him, throwing him further adrift. Each accolade lifted his brother higher while it crashed around his ears leaving him washed up in the wake.

That is until he decided to break free and walk his own path, one that took him out of his brother’s shadow.

No one seemed to understand at first, why he didn’t settle like his brother; the house, the career, the wife and inevitably the kids that followed.

When everyone else had given up hope, written him off as the black sheep of the family he finally found someone worth chasing and never looked back.

150 words

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