Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Letter to... a younger me

Letters ToI've wanted to write something like this for a while but have been too dithery...

Anyway this week I am once again linking up with other friends also writing their own letters to themselves.

Thanks to guest host Melanie at Indirect Revelation!

Dear younger me...

I have just two basic things to tell you.

Number 1


Sadly, as deep down you already suspect these boys will NEVER ever like you in the way you want them to and I know how much it pains you now but honestly in the end it really doesn’t matter.

You can send them the cutest Valentine’s cards, bake them the most delicious cakes. You can laugh at their jokes, join the Madness fanclub to get some male attention and even help them with their maths homework but I’m afraid they will always prefer your best friend, who’s more quiet, less desperate and not nearly as much of a challenge as you would be!

You can type up a whole dissertation and HE won’t notice you – go and spend time doing something you would rather be doing!

That is until ONE DAY

(believe me ONE DAY really DOES happen!)

Unexpectedly, out of the blue, someone WILL turn up who is just so perfect. He will laugh at your silly jokes, he will value your sometimes wild opinions, and he will trust you with his deepest secrets.

HE will hold your hand and love you so much - always.

You just have to WAIT…

…which is HARD…

…because you will have to wait…

…quite a while…

… actually…

…so please use that time wisely, go and read Pride and Prejudice - Miss Creek was right you will enjoy it.

Be just like Elizabeth Bennett and don’t settle for anything less than your own Mr Darcy! A bit grumpy round the edges but you will melt his heart and bring out the very best in him.

And for goodness sake go and WRITE instead of just daydreaming all the time, let your imagination wander and create brand new worlds, adventures and wonderful characters. Write just for fun and NEVER let anyone stop you.

Now I know for a fact you WON’T listen to my first piece of advice, you are too stubborn and think you can do things your own way. Which is why I’ve been so blunt with you – don’t get in a strop with me I know you far too well! 


You are NOT fat or ugly or any of those other stupid lies you tell yourself to explain the fact you are single. There is NOT something fundamentally wrong with you that makes you unattractive to the opposite sex.

I wonder sometimes if I will ever learn.

Which brings me to what is perhaps an even more important lesson and something more specific I need you to do…

Number 2

One Wednesday afternoon when you have just got home from college and you are tired from your 4 hour train journey, and mum says “grandma’s been asking after you, she wants to see you” don’t put it off your visit until the next day… 

…tomorrows rarely happen the way you plan!

Try to enjoy the here and now and never take anyone for granted because ONE DAY they might not be around and you will miss them more than you can ever imagine…

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  1. Great post, Sarah! You are so right... tomorrow rarely happens the way we plan. I haven't read Pride and Prejudice - I may have to finally get around it it! Thank you for linking up :-)

    1. Miss Creek was my head teacher at secondary school and I think we all had an interview with her when we did our options in third year (or year 9 as it it now!) She told me to read it but I never did until just before the classic Colin Firth version was on TV in the 90's.

  2. Hi sarah, this is comical and tear jerking all at once! I love how you are so blunt with yourself! :) I wish we could really speak to our younger selves, I too would be ordering myself round to my grand parents on a regular basis! Well done for a great post and thanks for sharing it with us :) x

  3. Waiting for the right man to come along is HARD! I totally get this, thank you for reminding me to go ring my grandparents, I am so bad at doing this. Thank you! xx

  4. Sarah, this is a rollicking good read laced with humour, pathos and commonsense. Sage advice from your head teacher; you won't go far wrong if you read Jane Austen. Thank you for making us laugh, sigh and remember our own lost youth - well mine's pretty far away! Blessings :) xx