Tuesday, 23 July 2013

#VisDare 29 - Pensive

When I saw this week’s #Visdare picture my immediate thought was “Rosa”, a character I conjured up at the beginning of the year, a story that I’ve written in bits and pieces but I have no idea where it’s going.

You can read the original stories here:-

and now it is time for a new tale… a version of events from the perspective of the child “heroically” rescued from the fire… 

You never even looked in my direction did you? You didn’t see my face watching at the window?

The kerfuffle had woken me, I was scared and frightened. You did know he locked me in the caravan every night? I couldn’t escape so easily. All that held you back was a curtain and your own fear.

I banged on the glass desperately wanting to go with you, to be free.

Did you think I’d be a burden? That I’d slow you down on your travels?

I saw the bag you always carried tucked under your arm, where I should have been. I watched you every day, that bag never left your side. Did you think he didn’t see it too?

He wasn’t bothered that you’d left; I had a string of other “mothers” to look after me.

But I woke every night crying, my dreams always filled with your singing.

(150 words)

 I know it doesn't totally fit the picture but in my mind I saw a woman sat on the back of a cart, not looking back, a woman holding a bag tightly by her side. A woman with the weight of the world on her shoulders, unsure if she's doing the right thing....

...hopefully I'll find time to re-visit this story again because I really want to know what happens next - #WhenCharactersSurpriseYou!

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