Saturday, 6 July 2013

New Kitchen Floor

I now have a gorgeous new floor covering up the mish mash of floorboards and chipboard and concrete.

We have dug out the rot, patched up the holes and now you would never know what lies underneath.

diagonal floorboards...
fancy edging!

The floor was laid by the son of our old neighbour. They have a family carpet and flooring business so they have always been our first port of call when we needed a new carpet. Andrew would always ask for some "ex-neighbourly discount" with a big grin.

I remember this "young" lad, from when we first married, he was a just a teenager then.

He in turn remembers Andrew. Andrew took time to show him how to build an airfix kit and he fondly remembers the time they spent together.

Today youngest son took great delight in showing off his dad's train set and his own Lego creations.

It's wonderful to find out how much Andrew touched the lives of other people in unexpected ways.

We never truly know what know what kind of impression we make on other people, it's only when you look beneath the surface you can find out the whole story.

The same can be said of my kitchen!

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  1. Looks lovely, Sarah! - and a good reminder not to make snap judgements about things. Thanks for sharing. F. xx