Monday, 1 July 2013

The Ultimate Career

The other day a friend tweeted this quote by CS Lewis...

“The homemaker has the ultimate career. All other careers exist for one purpose only - and that is to support the ultimate career. ” 

I’ve never heard the words “homemaker” and “career” in the same sentence before but it struck a chord with me as someone who has always enjoyed making the home as comfortable and beautiful as I can for my family. I’m just an old fashioned sort of girl really. 

Andrew’s well paid job allowed me the freedom to fulfil this role and I’m thankful I am still in the position where I don’t have to look for employment outside my domain.

However for weeks now I have been somewhat out of sorts. I’ve been getting tetchy and snappy, argumentative and teary. Even a trip to Wimbledon last week to see the tennis didn’t completely dispel the blues.

The problem is my home doesn’t quite feel like a home but more like a bombsite with too many people coming and going. Nothing is quite as it should be.

I also lost my cleaner a few weeks ago too, there are too many dusty corners I can’t quite keep on top of. 

(Being a homemaker and being a cleaner are not necessarily the same I have decided!)

I’m still living in a kitchen muddle, even the simple task of making a cheese sandwich involves getting a knife and plate from the dining room, butter and cheese from the fridge in the kitchen and… now where did I leave the bread bin? – its final resting place seems to be on the kitchen table which is obviously in the hall!

(and if I want a toasted sandwich I have to take it back to the kitchen and balance the toastie maker on a tray across two cupboard carcasses!)

There is an end in sight. 

Today I have been emptying boxes and putting things back into new cupboards.

I have discovered I now have a larger shelf for mugs - should I buy more???
I have draws with handles and cupboards with knobs on! 

Tomorrow someone is coming to make a template for my granite worktops and hopefully I’m having the new floor laid on Thursday. Then it’s just the finishing touches… (haha - famous last words!)

Also tomorrow I have a new cleaner starting – yippee!

But best of all today I have had some peace and quiet in the house, no distraction, some time alone and I actually did some writing and it felt sooooo good!

Oh I love my career as a homemaker I truly do but I’m still pursuing my literary dreams and a writing career would fit in quite nicely thank you very much!

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