Monday, 8 July 2013

being thankful

I am in a great mood at the moment and I'm sure the sunshine has a lot to do with it. I just need to look out of the open window to see beautiful blue sky and I can feel a gentle breeze blowing across my skin.

My facebook page is full of happy updates and pictures, my new kitchen, fantastic tennis on TV (I even went to Wimbledon with oldest son in the first week), I've eaten strawberries picked from my garden and the kids had fun splashing about on the beach on Saturday evening.  

However first thing this morning things didn't look so bright in this part of the world. The North East coast was covered by a light sea mist and the temperature had dramatically dropped.

"Oh bother!" 

I go walking with friends on a Monday morning and we had been looking forward to a walk in the sunshine. Today low tide fell at exactly the right time for us to walk around the cliffs on the beach and rocks without getting cut off or swept away. Last week we'd walked along the top and we were keen to see a very different view out to sea.

With the change in weather should we change our plans? There was very little debate - we decided we should go for it anyway - there are too few weeks left before the kids break up for the school holidays.

Instead we changed our clothes to whatever we each felt appropriate for a cooler walk and we set off.

Once we'd started walking we all agreed perhaps this was better weather for walking in, no risk of getting sunburnt or just being TOO HOT.

We laughed and chatted as usual not bothered that we couldn't see much of a view. Besides we had to watch our feet, the seaweed was very slippery and we squealed when the rocks beneath our feet wobbled!

But looking down meant we spotted a few fossils along the way.

We avoided stepping in rock pools and clambered over rocks...

...and spotted these two that looked like they were kissing!

There are things I would like to change in my life but what's the point of listing them here when there is so much good stuff going on at the moment.

I really do have lots to be thankful for!


  1. Thanks for your encouragement, Sarah - funny how much better I feel about life when I remember to be thankful!

  2. Glad you made it back safely those rocks are very slippery. Love the kissing rocks!

  3. I love this post Sarah, great pictures too.