Wednesday, 3 July 2013

...because everybody needs a hero!

Or maybe my title today should be “…everybody needs a daydream” or perhaps “…everybody needs a giggle.”

You see yesterday my kitchen progressed to the stage where I needed a new man in my life – Granite Man – the man who came to take the vital statistics and measurements for my new kitchen worktops. He was smooth, solid, dependable and polished!

Oh yes he was rather good looking, tall, dark hair flecked with just a hint of grey in much the same way that my new granite worktops will be speckled with sparkle! He had a mysterious accent I just couldn’t quite place geographically, deep brown eyes and a killer smile. And I noticed NO wedding ring – oh how observant am I?

I offered him a drink. “Tea? Coffee?”

“Coffee please.”

“How do you take it? Milk? Sugar?”

“One milk, no I mean one sugar.”

He got tongue tied and slightly flustered and we giggled. I’m not used to these kinds of encounters with the opposite sex.

When he left I enquired if he would be returning for the final fitting. Alas the answer was no – shame I will probably never see him again!

Never mind, it was still good to practice my flirting skills, they are rusty verging on non-existent. I’ve never been much good at talking to “boys”, especially good looking and available ones.

The other day I had an interesting conversation with Andrew’s mum, who’s been widowed for many years now. She in hospital at the moment and has been eying up the gorgeous male nurses. She confessed to me she was hopeful one of them would take her for a shower – she isn’t stable enough to be left alone. As she gets older she gets worse in more ways than one.

And so the subject turned to her news and gossip gleaned from the luncheon club on the Tuesday before she was admitted.

She told me the tale of a woman in her seventies (one of the helpers) who had just got herself a new gentleman friend.

“She’s widowed, not divorced so I said good for her, she does right.” 

(Rightly or wrongly my mother-in-law has a bit more compassion for those who have lost their husbands rather than divorced them.)

Then she added “I told her I hope Sarah finds someone new.”

I could have cried at that, she’s said it before, it means I have her blessing to find someone new and fall in love again now her son has died.

(Our relationship often remains me of the book of Ruth in the Bible.)
Part of me cries at the love and understanding she shows me but I also cry because I just don’t see how it will happen. 

Andrew and I had known each other for over a year before we started dating, our friendship developed very gradually over time. There is no one on the horizon as far as I can see so any out of the blue chance meetings are an unexpected surprise.

However I need to stop my heart from racing and my daydreams taking over when a strange man does show up at my door. I have a tendency to get swept away.

Harmless flirting with Granite Man did me the world of good and now of course I have a wonderful story to share with my mother-in-law on my next visit!


  1. You made me smile with this! I hope there is opportunity for you in the future, and I love your relationship with your mother-in-law...and, aw, at granite man's tongue-tied-edness!

  2. lovely :) and I'm glad you can talk like this with Mother in law :)
    Your time will come, when you least expect it...
    This really made me smile and It sounds like granite man may have felt the same?! who knows????!! xxx