Saturday, 10 March 2012

A commercial break and a change of heart…

You do have to laugh at the targeted advertising on Facebook. At the moment every time I log on there is an advert for an on line dating agency, different from the one I signed up to in January, urging me to “give single dads a chance” and “browse faithful and devoted men in your area”.

I usually make it a rule not to click on the adverts down the right hand side of the page, there’s a little voice of caution sounding suspiciously like Andrew that warns me off. However I will admit I have once or twice rebelled but faced with the prospect of a long and drawn out personality questionnaire and giving my email address I gave up. 

Been there, done that and although I know it works for plenty of people I decided it wasn’t for me, at least not now!

I was sitting with friends last night when my friend’s husband suddenly declared,

“You just need a fella.”

Then it hit me – actually NO I don’t!

When did this change of heart happen?  I had three wishes at the start of the year, new house, publishing deal for my book and a little bit of romance.

In the past month alone I’ve tried kissing frogs and growing my own handsome prince as well as asking friends and family if they know any single men they can recommend.  I was a woman in the nearly desperate category.  The kind of woman than men avoid like the plague as they are needy and demanding.

Top of my wish list now is a holiday.

There’s a holiday brochure is in the post that hasn’t arrived yet and I can’t wait to browse scenic locations and search for my perfect match. I want to go somewhere on my own but with some kind of structure, something to do and new people to meet. 

“Walking or watercolours?” I mused.

“They’ll be more fit men on a walking holiday.” Suggested one friend.

“But you might find someone more sensitive and arty if you go for the painting.” Added another.

Finding “someone” isn’t even on my agenda. I’ve tried holidays with that plan in the past and believe me it doesn’t work! I don’t want to come home from my break disappointed.

No I have reached the stage when I am “almost” content to just be me. I have enough to deal with with the two growing men I already have in my life anyway.

Besides I have a house to keep on top of and a book that is not writing itself. 

Another friend has said all along, “you’ll find someone when you least expect it and you stop looking.” 

Wise words I’ve heard before such a long time ago! In fact didn’t Andrew ask me out on a date last time I was happily single and merrily getting on with life on my own?

Well if there’s a new mystery man lurking just around the next corner he can stay there for a little bit longer… Facebook advertisers please take note!

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  1. Sounds like a good move.Find a holiday that is just for YOU - and the only goal should be to enjoy it!
    Hexham Book Festival has some sessions on getting published at the end of April - I'm going to try to get to one of them, if you're interested. X