Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Have you seen this woman?

Not much to write about today but have something to show you…

A highlight of my week is helping out in my church charity shop where I do the window display of ladies clothes. This week I decided to capitalise on the publicity generated by the phantom Olympic knitter and dress the window in a wool and yarn related theme.

I found chunky knits which I co-ordinated with some denim and a beautiful flowery dress which may just end up in my wardrobe if it is still there next week!

On the floor I placed knitting patterns, knitting needles in a vase, buttons and oddment of wool from my own collection.

I love it when my display comes together!

One of the models I dressed in a denim dress, from out of her pockets I stuck balls of wool and I threaded knitting needles into her turquoise loosely knitted cardi. A hand-crafted corsage, lacy scarf and pale pink walking boots completed the ensemble.

She looks suspiciously like she could be the mystery yarn-stormer.

So my question today is have you seen this woman????

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