Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Out on Top

After bemoaning the lack of a daughter yesterday it seems a trifle unfair that today I am writing about a failing of the male species. I don’t want you to get the wrong impression of how I view the men in my life but why oh why can’t they find things?

Picture the scene; we have half an hour turn around between getting home from school and dashing out again to oldest son’s tennis lesson. Usually a friend kindly takes him, one of those offers of help after Andrew died that I gladly accepted. However this week my friend and his wife were off visiting their family so it was my turn to play taxi driver.

Youngest son was being dropped off at Grandma’s on the way and he needed something to keep him entertained. For the last few days he has had his head stuck in a book, Time Riders by Alex Scarrow, so I assumed he would just take that and life would be simple.

Oh no, he wanted his DS but couldn’t find the case with the games in. There was panic and such a commotion; he’s inherited his mother’s dramatic nature. SOMEONE (not HIM) had OBVIOUSLY moved it from his desk, or the floor of his bedroom, wherever he thought he had abandoned it!

After a quick look I decided it certainly wasn’t in his room, so I ventured to the other likely spot of the computer table in the playroom. Every now and again it gets tidied up but usually it is littered with empty games cases, chocolate biscuit wrappers and bits of homework.

I lifted up just one folder and only one piece of paper to discover the missing DS case complete with all the required games!

With youngest child sorted, in car ready to go it was time to chase the oldest one, after all it was his tennis lesson we were going to…

I spotted him rooting around in a kitchen cupboard.

“What have you lost?”

“I can’t find a water bottle. It doesn’t matter.” He replied with typical teenage apathy.

He had been searching in the correct place, making a noise, banging things about but not actually moving anything. I easily found 3 water bottles underneath a tray!

It’s not rocket science, but in my experience if it’s not right on the top of the pile the boys seem incapable of finding what they are looking for. 

Andrew was exactly the same. He could put down a screwdriver one minute and the next have no idea where it was! The times I had to help him search for something for my own sanity. There are a few things I don’t miss in the slightest now he’s gone.

Is it just a MAN thing?

If so it really is a wonder we have male detectives at all. Did Morse and Columbo have to search to uncover the clues or were they carefully positioned on the top of the pile of evidence? Maybe the cleaner moved things conveniently to make their lives easier.

Actually I have heard that in America they are making a new TV version of Sherlock Holmes (haven’t we already done that?) and they are making Doctor Watson female.

Anyway time to go now, youngest son has decided to HIDE my slippers, time to put my powers of finding things to the test or get the spare pair out of the wardrobe … hehehe!

Deliberately hiding is NOT FAIR, misplacing an item and not looking properly is entirely different!

What have you found, misplaced or hidden today?

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