Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mother's Day

The other day I found my diary from 2010, the year Andrew died. Flicking through I discovered what happened on Mothering Sunday that year.

I took oldest son to play in a tennis event an hour away, finished reading Twilight while I sat and waited but received neither card nor present. I don't think I was too impressed - "oh well!"

Andrew was brought up not to make a fuss of Mothering Sunday. Father’s Day always fell too close to Andrew’s dad’s birthday so it was omitted from their family calendar and Mother’s Day followed suit.

Yesterday I must admit I wondered what all the fuss was about myself when my two boys were arguing over spending money on me.

Maybe it really is just a marketing ploy by the card manufacturers and florists as Andrew always suspected?

Then last night I received this text…

“Sometimes you just need to hear you’re a beautiful mum doing a great job and you’re so loved”

It was one of those round robin ones where you are supposed to pass the message on so I did.

“Takes friends to tell you tho’”

Was one reply from a single mum I know.  Doing everything on your own is never easy.

“I really needed to be told that, haven’t felt like I’m doing a good job at the mo”

Was a reply from a friend who is happily married to a helpful husband. 

We ALL have times when we feel guilty and inadequate, undervalued and are often left tearing our hair out. It matters not if you are a mum on your own or you have the most wonderful husband.

That’s why Mother’s Day or Mothering Sunday is important.  I don’t care which one you call it but it is a day to make your mum feel appreciated and let her know you care.

Today, just as two years ago I travelled the same stretch of road as I took oldest son for a trial to be a ball boy at a major tennis tournament. Some things were the same but today I had a cup of tea brought to me in bed and a present wrapped in Christmas paper, it was all they could find!

Meanwhile my mum looked after youngest son.

While I was out she found her text and this was her reply to me

"just found your text, thank you dear, YOU ARE a good mum too"

So now it’s my turn to make her feel special and cook the dinner.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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