Thursday, 22 March 2012

Dilemma of the day – to write or to tidy?

I really shouldn’t be here on the laptop. I am feeling the tiniest bit guilty because I’ve just told youngest son he has to tidy his room before going on the computer.

“How tidy?”

“Well I want to see all the floor by Sunday night so I can hoover.” I thought that was reasonable.

“But how tidy does it have to be before I can go on the computer?” 

He needs to know the bare minimum acceptable, he will not go beyond that point as that would involve far too much effort. I like his way of thinking but it is the reason why I only got a D and 2 Es at A level so I shouldn’t applaud him too loudly!

I drew an arbitrary line across the floor just beyond the wardrobe door. At least then I can get to the wardrobe and put his clothes away.

Meanwhile I sit here fooling myself that I am a "writer" therefore sitting here typing is work, facebook and twitter is necessary networking. Ha!

Today I’ve been to the bank, done the weekly shop, there’s a load of washing blowing on the line, I’ve visited my mother-in-law and have potted some plants in the garden. So it hasn’t been an entirely unproductive day.

However my own tidying up is not going so well.

This morning I was looking for my cheque book, I’ve no idea which pile of stuff it’s under. Then I remembered that I’d not put my passport away after using it for a CRB check at school. Maybe I had better find that as well.

Trying to remain patient, calm and not get flustered I tried to search methodically moving papers from one mountain to another. The more I searched the more desperate I became. Eventually the passport was found, in an envelope under a pile of stuff I'd already looked in. I diligently put it away in the proper place.

The whereabouts of the cheque book still remains a mystery.

Somewhere I have a list of things to do this year – sorting out the paperwork and filing was on it. I’m full of good intentions and have even written about this before – remember Frogs for Breakfast?

Oh well you might not hear from me for a while, I’m setting myself another challenge – no more computer time for me until I tidy up...

...just enough to find the cheque book...

... and I am still allowed to use the computer if it’s for absolutely essential "work" related stuff.

Seems fair to me!

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