Friday, 16 March 2012

you have to laugh

For a mother’s day treat I took my mum and mother-in-law out for the day.

As my mother-in-law can’t walk very far she was in her wheelchair so we had to use the lift in the department store. The lift was a small one and tucked away in a corner of the menswear section. 

On the door of the lift was a life size photo of a male model advertising a particular brand, I couldn’t tell you which one so the ad campaign wasn’t especially effective.

“What does he do for you?” said my mother-in-law in her matter of fact tone. 

I think she meant why is his picture covering up the lift door or something far more innocent than how I took it…

“Actually he does quite a lot for me, or he could do very little, just stand in the corner or maybe make me a cup of tea once in a while!”

I had to giggle he was rather nice – just wish I’d had my camera on me!

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