Saturday, 31 March 2012

Saturday Night Telly

Now there must have been a time in my life when I wasn’t remotely interested in what was on the TV on a Saturday night. I’d take a guess that those times were when I was a student and possibly the early days of me and Andrew.

In all my other years on the planet my quest for entertaining telly at the weekend has been imperative.

From Seaside Special to Dukes of Hazard, from Doctor Who to Blind Date – a few years gap in the middle - then back to Doctor Who, X Factor, Strictly, Merlin and now THE VOICE!

Yes it can’t just be me that’s sad and lonely and doesn’t get out much. The BBC and ITV spend a fortune making programmes that grab the highest viewing figures in this peak time slot.

Last week saw the start of the Beeb’s latest offering The Voice UK. A talent show with a difference as the judges can’t see the performer only judge them on their singing ability.

I love it; I was in tears watching last week’s show.

The contestant that really pulled my heartstrings was the woman with alopecia. She was a fabulous singer and absolutely beautiful lady - what had held her back for so long was her lack of confidence in the way she looked. Although the TV audience got to hear her tale the judges were in the dark but all turned round when she opened her mouth to sing wanting her on their team.

The Voice puts the contestants in the driving seat as they get to pick their mentor. They are encouraged and not ridiculed even if they are not chosen. This is not about having a laugh at someone else’s expense but about REAL TALENT.

Some contestants played instruments too. Their skills are incredible and yet have gone largely unnoticed perhaps because they didn’t fit the world’s stereotype of what a superstar looks like.

What a positive programme to watch as a family. Reinforcing the old adage "don't judge a book by its cover".

I wish I could sing like the contestants on The Voice. Alas I sound more like the mad ones on the other channel putting a smile on Simon Cowell’s face and more money in his pocket. Where do they get so much confidence and belief from when genuinely great singers are hiding?

I don't know what happens on The Voice after the audition stage.  Eventually the public get a vote and I’m sure by then I'll be hooked, caught up in the excitement, dialling the number for my favourite to win, cheering and shouting at the telly – well what else is there to do on a Saturday night?

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