Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Knitting the Olympics

This morning I had my 2 seconds of fame - I was on breakfast TV!

I wasn’t being interviewed about my writing or my latest book - maybe one day that WILL happen!

No, I just happened to be down on the pier yesterday when a lone BBC cameraman/presenter was wandering up and down asking opinions of a very creative piece of knitting.

A fifty foot long adornment has been sewn onto the pier railings in honour of the Olympics and it is an amazing sight.

Yesterday was one of those gloriously sunny days where the sea sparkled and made a brilliant background for the woolly wonders. It’s all so tactile too, you just have to touch as you marvel at it’s brilliance.

My own knitting skills are limited to straight lines and I have to chant the mantra “in, round, through and off” with every stitch for fear I might drop one and see my work unravel!

Here were an incredible display of knitted Olympic athletes, a girl playing volley ball, a gymnast, a weightlifter to name a few as well as a laurel wreath, medals, Olympic rings and a miniature velodrome with tiny bicycles!

I am very excited to have been filmed on the pier at all but as exciting as my 2 seconds of fame are the credit must go to the knitter or knitters who have been so inventive. Rumours and speculation abound as to who the persons responsible are; this must have been added in the dead of night when no one was around and all stitched on by hand – such dedication!

They are the real stars but remain anonymous.

Which is a bit of a problem for me too. As I like to keep my anonymity I can’t tell you where I live! 

OK, so many of you already know but here are a few clues so you can view this spectacle for yourself. And for those too far away I’ve added some photos, which could be clues in themselves!

Seaside town with a pier, first part of the name something you put on your chips, second part what happens if you get too close to the fire!


  1. How fun! Thanks for sharing pictures!

  2. Fabulous isn't it?! Could you please post the photo's you took on the Planet Saltburn facebook page as we have had huge interest in the olympic knit! Thank you in anticipation.
    A Saltburn Resident :o)