Friday, 25 November 2011

Best Friend: Position Vacant

“Did you read my blog from yesterday?”   I asked my friend this morning.

“No I haven’t had time.”  She’s a busy girl and was up working late last night.

“Well I’ve elevated you to being my BEST FRIEND.”  I told her with glee.   She was the friend of the giggly phone conversation I was thankful for yesterday.

“Best Friend for this week.”  She added ruefully.  “You don’t have girls; they change their best friends weekly.”
Yes boys are far less fickle in the friendship department but I can vividly remember the days when my best friends did change on a weekly or even daily basis.

Andrew always said I was his BEST FRIEND but I was reticent to return the compliment conscious of the fact I need a variety of people to bounce idea off of.  All of my friends have unique qualities I appreciate in different ways.  Each one is special and vital to making me a more rounded person.

Also I couldn’t call Andrew my BEST FRIEND, he was a BOY!  I am and always have been a very girlie girl so I needed a like-minded female to share my confidences with.

But I was coming round to the fact that Andrew did know more secrets about me than anyone and realised in the last year we had together just what a BEST FRIEND he really was.

Now I miss him greatly and decided to refill the BEST FRIEND position with the person who I am most likely to ring first with a juicy piece of gossip.  The person who is always been there with a shoulder to cry on and wise and comforting words.  Someone who knows most of my secrets, although she called me intriguing the other day so she hasn’t completely figured me out!

Only I’ve already "fallen out" with her because she neglected to…

…well never mind what she “neglected” to do - that’s still our secret! 

At the end of the day she will always be a good friend because she knows too much about me, I love her to bits and a girl can never have too many BEST FRIENDS!

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