Friday, 18 November 2011

Mr Blue Sky

This morning I was woken by a far more appropriate song - “Mr Blue Sky” by E.L.O.

Actually if I’m totally honest I was awake at half past 5 and drifted in and out of consciousness, alternating between contemplating an early start to my day and snuggling deeper under the duvet in hope of more much needed SLEEP.  When the radio alarm went off this was the first song that registered in my brain.

“Mr Blue Sky” reminds me of Andrew and resonates so much more since his funeral.  It is a song I have to turn the volume up for.  This morning it was the song that finally got me throwing back the covers and jumping out of bed.

When we planned the funeral we had a private family service at the crematorium before the larger and it must be said livelier church thanksgiving service.  The funeral director asked for music to play as we entered and left the crematorium.

The song played as we followed the coffin in was Van Morrison “Have I Told You Lately”, as far as I can tell it was the last song Andrew played on his iPod.  Every day he would say – “Have I told you today that I love you?”  It was very apt and surprisingly romantic – sniffs back tears, I’m trying not to cry so much when I write, it doesn’t do the laptop any good to be dripped on!

For a song to leave I was advised to choose something happier.  “Mr Blue Sky” was the song that literally dropped into my brain.  It was certainly the right era of music for Andrew and I remember him liking E.L.O. although I couldn’t tell you which song was his actual favourite track.

A bit later this morning as I was driving I couldn't help but notice that most of the heavens were a dull November grey but right there in the middle was a slash of BLUE sky edged with magnificent sparkling sunlight.

Along with the great song to wake up to that has set the day up nicely!


If you want to find out what I had to say about Andrew at the funeral you can read it here on unravelling-edges.  

And no I haven’t forgotten the picture quiz – I might just write another post later today – I really am having too much fun writing “re-ravelling”!

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