Monday, 28 November 2011

Two Silver Threads

Thoughts of Andrew are never far away and this has been especially true during November.   

It’s been a challenging month, I’ve often worn his baggy jumper for both warmth and comfort and I have once more taken to wearing his wedding ring on a chain around my neck.  Months ago I took it off in favour of my other less expensive but more colour co-ordinated “jewels”.

I’m glad we have almost reached the end of November; I’m hoping turning the calendar over will be the start of a more hopeful season.

Youngest son is also looking forward to the start of December as it heralds the arrival of the advent calendar – this year one made by Lego, maybe better on your teeth than chocolate for breakfast but not so good on your bank balance.

The truth is advent is already here.  The first candle lit in churches yesterday.  We have entered a time of expectant waiting for the new born King.

It’s less than 4 weeks ‘til Christmas!  Or put another way and to quote my dad who used this expression every year.

“Four weeks’ time and it will all be over!”

Dad was a butcher and this was without doubt the busiest time of the year, all that fuss made for just one day!

I haven’t written much about my faith on “re-ravelling”.  It’s difficult to know sometimes how to strike that balance between writing about an important part of my life and yet not alienating readers with different viewpoints.  I do hope to be thought provoking in my approach and I would love to hear your views.

The best analogy for my faith I can come up with that fits my “unravelling” and “re-ravelling” theme is that God is like a silver thread running through my life. 

At times the thread catches the light and shines more than others.  Then there are occasions where the glittery thread by itself is hardly noticed but it adds a particular opulence to the fabric that cannot be pinpointed.

Thoughts of Andrew and thoughts of God, two silver threads that weave through my life adding a richness and texture that is sometimes awkward to put into words.

Silver threads that add a certain sparkle to my life and will continue to shine on my blog like added Christmas glitter throughout the years to come.

Happy Advent!

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