Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Drive and Determination

Following on from yesterday’s purposeful theme…

Recently I had a text from a friend which said…

“your drive sounds good!”

Well I mistook the meaning at first to imply, drive and determination.  My ability to be goal centred and focused on my writing because we had been discussing that too.  I scrolled down and read on…

“nice crunchy gravel, lovely”

Maybe she doesn’t admire my determination and resourcefulness after all – although I suspect she does, must ask her next time I see her.

It did make me giggle at my misunderstanding but also made me think.  There are days when I am full of get up and go and days when my get up and go has well and truly gone!  The same as everyone else.

It is a year ago today since Andrew’s funeral.  A year ago and my house was filled with people, polite conversation, sandwiches and tea, beautiful flowers and lots of children running up and down the stairs eating copious amounts of Quality Street – Andrew wanted everyone to be given a chocolate at his funeral.  He had some bizarre wishes most of which I tried to carry out. 

Now there are just three of us, each pottering in our own little world – I’m hoping that there’s some homework being done somewhere...

It’s easy to get discouraged and if I stopped and thought too much about the events of last year my “drive” would speed off into the distance.

This morning I had an email with the title “Don’t Give Up”.  It was my Bible reading notes which I subscribe too, an encouraging message to start my day.  The verse was from 1 Peter chapter 1 verse 6.

“...There is wonderful joy ahead, even though you have to endure many trials for a little while...”

Later in the day I had a text from my bridesmaid which included the same verse.

I guess God wanted to remind me 

“your drive sounds good – just keep it going!”

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