Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Girl Seeks Jedi

It’s Wednesday again and the day my cleaner comes.  After last week’s strenuous gravel shovelling I decided we should do something less demanding.  We tackled the playroom.  Rearranging furniture and chucking out the ever increasing clutter together before she did the hoovering.

It is my grand plan that WHEN I sell the house and finally move the only thing left in my house will be the stuff we actually NEED – yes I can hear you all laughing, especially those of you who know me and my family’s hoarding habits.

My cleaner is great at getting me to throw things out.  I’m even getting the hang of it now and make a lot of my own decisions on what’s going for good!

However as with tidying anything belonging to the boys it is imperative you don’t disturb the vitally important stuff.  With this in mind I carefully picked up the most recent Lego creation of a temple complete with trap door, very Indiana Jones, and placed it on a chair.  I thought I had retrieved all the Lego Star Wars characters that went with it but alas I was mistaken.

There was uproar when youngest son got home.

“Where’s Shaak Ti?”

“What’s that?”

“Not what!  She’s a Jedi!”

“She must be in the Lego box.” 

There was a time when ALL the Lego was sorted into neatly labelled boxes.  Now there is a box, or maybe three or four with Lego waiting to be correctly identified and put away.

“It’s OK I’ll find it!”  I declared, I couldn’t cope with full scale mutiny, it was the easy option.  “What does it look like?”

“SHE looks like this.”  He produced the box with an unlikely looking character with blue and white stripy hair.

Not an original character.  I can easily identify Han Solo, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia.

Youngest son knows most things about Star Wars and enlightened me by saying she was a character who only appeared in a deleted scene of episode 3.  He thinks it’s pretty shocking that someone had to get dressed up and made up for the part only to end up removed altogether.

I found her in the box of assorted Lego and youngest son was delighted at the reunion.  She is a rare and therefore special Jedi, if not to the whole world at least to one happy eleven year old.

Lots of people I know are down at the moment, feeling left out, unimportant, almost deleted.  I blame the change in the weather and the dark nights.

Just remember sometimes it isn’t the popular characters who are most cherished but the unique and quirky ones.  And it’s shocking when they get overlooked!

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