Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Lego Challenge

Youngest son has for a long while been telling me that

“Life seems easier when you are building Lego!”

Oh such a wise head on young shoulders, but I wondered how true the statement really was?

Lego is his passion and time always passes wonderfully if you are engaged in something you enjoy. 

Meanwhile oldest son rarely sits still and probably wouldn’t agree with the above statement at all, he’d rather be out playing sport – now that would reduce me to tears.  I can vividly remember the stinging cold legs from being out in shorts in November on the school hockey pitch.  I fail to see the excitement to be had.

I get enthusiastic when I have a new idea to write about.  My eyes start to twinkle as I can feel the words bubbling up inside.

We are all different.

I decided to test the theory when youngest son threw down a challenge.

“I bet I can tidy my Lego faster than you can build Anakin’s Starfighter.”

Well any trick to get the Lego tidy will do for me, plus I am the competitive sort and really wanted to show what I could do.  As they say on Top Gear – “how hard can it be?”

Half an hour later I casually walked up the stairs humming the Star Wars music, Anakin’s Starfighter completed in my hand.

Youngest son was amazed at my brilliance.  I have certainly scored a few points in the “best mum” stakes today.

So does “life seem easier when you are building Lego”?

Absolutely.  The pieces fit together with precision engineering and the instructions are all in colour.

And is the Lego tidy? – hmmm the flaw in my plan was my competitive streak.  I wanted so much to impress my son with my skills that I finished before him and there is still Lego all over his bedroom floor.  The chaalenge is over and he has wandered off.

Next time I must remember that life IS easier when you are building Lego and will therefore take my time and make the experience last.

Go on raid the Lego box today – you know you want to…

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