Thursday, 1 December 2011

God is busy...

A friend of mine posted this on her Facebook wall and it gave me a bit of a boost.  Now it has been over a year since Andrew died I feel like I can legitimately call myself “single” as well as the other status of being “widowed”.  Actually I fall somewhere in the middle and it just reminds me how much I really do detest lables…

What appealed to me about the statement was not just that God’s got plans in store for me but was that it implied God is a writer!

Well of course he is.  Whether or not you believe the Bible it is altogether  a wonderful story.  There’s romance and intrigue, disobedience, rejection, power struggles and redemption, all the stuff that makes a good bestseller – and it certainly is.  I’ve justed checked on the Guiness Book of World Records website and The Bible is the best selling non-fiction book – FACT.

Jesus was always sitting down with his friends and telling stories.  How much fun would that have been to sit at his feet and listen in awe to a good yarn?

Being a writer (should that be a capital W Sharon? – writing joke hahaha) and storyteller myself I have a few ideas to tell God of how I think this story of mine should be going.

Our heroine is in serious need of some excitement. 

A change of scene perhaps – someone to come along and buy this house, meaning I can move to my “dream house”.

A new direction – an agent to post a comment on my blog telling me my writing is AMAZING – that’s with CAPITAL LETTERS all the way!!!

A letter out of the blue, a chance meeting, a knight in shining armour to whisk me away…

PLEASE God Please!

As I knock on his open door pleading, he turns with a twinkle in his eye.  His index finger, so strong and powerful that has commanded the wind and waves touches his lips.  He lets out an almost inaudible shhhh which washes over me like the soft fragrance of summer flowers on the breeze.

“I’m still writing.”  He says softly with a smile as he returns to his laptop.  Directing the world and it’s people, putting the things into place that will make my story come true.

You can’t argue with the Almighty – well you can but it doesn’t get you very far.  I know God is still on the case.  The image of God at his laptop makes my chuckle and that thought might just help me through this current bout of the blues!

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