Sunday, 11 December 2011

It’s The Little Things

Today, as any other day, has been made up of tiny little moments. Memories and regrets, a bit of joy, a spot of irritation, a few tears and a sprinkling of laughter.

Sad thoughts today have included missing holding Andrew’s hand (see my friend Craig’s blog, he sort of started it, although it was already on my mind).  Also wishing Andrew was here to get the Christmas tree down from the loft and help me sort of the accumulation of paperwork on the dining room table, those who have been following this for a while will know how long the filing has been piling up!  

But I’ve had my joyful moments too.  The nativity rehearsal was pandemonium but great fun and I found out that in the early hours of the morning a friend who’s been in labour all weekend finally delivered a baby boy.

There has been the usual frustration this weekend and temper tantrums over homework.

And a cheer of delight when Harry got through to the “Strictly” final!

While buying some bread and ham for lunch today, on impulse I popped a tub of ice cream in my basket for dessert – Ben and Jerry’s – half price at Sainsbury’s this week.  (Do you reckon they might send a truck load round now I’ve given them some free advertising????)  

Anyway a friend told me she had once sat in the bath eating another similar posh brand of ice cream.  It all sounded very decadent and when did I get time to do that I mused?

Well I had been spending quite a bit of time thinking those “sad thoughts” from paragraph two when I spied the water left over from youngest son’s bath.  I emptied half of the tepid remains and topped it up with fresh HOT water and a generous quirt of bubble bath.

Making sure oldest son didn’t spot me, youngest son being already in bed and out of the way at this point, I ran to the kitchen to retrieve the left over ice cream and a spoon.

I blissfully lay in the warm bath spooning delicious creamy chocolate into my mouth.  It was wonderfully decadent but as I sat and read the label I suddenly felt very virtuous as well.  The ice cream was Fairtrade, climate neutral and the chocolate brownies in it are made by a project helping the homeless.

Yes it’s the little things in life that make your day. I hope yours has been made of the most marvellous moments.


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