Sunday, 4 December 2011

A long time ago in Bethlehem…

To prove my writing credentials I have not just been blogging this week but have completed my annual task of writing the church nativity.  Actually credit should also go to youngest son who wrote the wise men scene.

I love writing the Christmas story, each year looking for a new and different angle.  I can’t tell you the form this year play will take but in the past I have written about angels in training with L plates, talking donkeys, nodding donkeys and a dream sequence involving a lightsabre!

I have my own method of writing the script which starts with finding out which part each child would like to play.  I write their individual lines accordingly, adding in phrases and props to suit their personality.

Last year youngest son played Joseph and when he found out Mary was with child he uttered the words …

“I’ll never understand women!”

He said it with such vigour and it was the kind of tongue in cheek statement his dad would have been proud of him saying.

Today we had our first run through with the script, which I only finished yesterday.  The usual pandemonium ensued, nearly twenty children aged 2 and upwards running around the church hall.  We have only 2 weeks before our performance.  I wonder whether it will all come together…

Invariably it does and if anyone fluffs their lines and messes up who really cares?  Children dressed up as angels and wise men, a virgin birth, a dancing star and a lively camel are enough to melt anyone’s heart on a cold winter’s morning.

That’s why I love it and do it and despite my protestations that I’m not putting myself through this AGAIN – I’m pretty certain I will.

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