Saturday, 17 December 2011

Why I’m Wild about Harry – my Strictly Claim to Fame!

It’s the Strictly Come Dancing final tonight and I have known all along who I want to win – Harry Judd from McFly.

Not only is he the best dancer by far (as well as the best looking male contestant) but I have my own little Harry claim to fame…

My dad used to be the gardener for Harry’s mum and dad!

One summer evening he had to pop over and see them about their gardening requirements while they were on holiday.  Which plants to water - that sort of thing.  He asked oldest grandson did he want to come too.

"No." He shrugged, not at all bothered.

“I’ll come” I said excitedly, acting more like a teenager than my teenage son.

I hopped in the car and we set off.

Harry’s mum, made cups of tea for us all while my dad wandered round the garden with Harry's dad.

His mum had to go and answer the phone or something and for a few minutes I was left alone sat at the garden picnic table.  I stroked the wooden seat, thinking of the famous bottoms that might have sat on it!  It was rumoured ALL of McFly had recently visited for a meal.  And goodness knows who might have drunk out of the very cup I was holding!

We had a lovely chat when she returned about our kids mostly. What struck me, talking parent to parent, was how they had let Harry pursue his musical interests in favour of his academic studies.  I hope I have that faith in my boys to give them the chance to reach for their dreams.

I never met Harry that day and unfortunately still haven’t realised that dream.

But my dad has met him and Harry’s brother served dad a pint in the local pub!

Yesterday morning my mum rang me.

“Guess who I’ve just been on the phone to?”

The Judd’s have moved now but she found their new phone number and wanted to pass on her best wishes to Harry for the final.  Apparently she had quite a chat with C........ (she's on first name terms but I only add famous names on my blog!!!).

She sounded giddy as a school girl – like mother like daughter; I bet she would have stroked that picnic bench too!

Anyway need to go and top my mobile up for those all-important voting phone calls tonight. 

Go team Hali!

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  1. Hmmmm.... Just seen the link on Team Hali blog. I agree with you on harry. They have to win. My screen name is Aliona4ever